New Delhi, India – RateGain Technologies, a leader in Hospitality & Travel Technology Solutions, recently announced the unveiling of its latest version of Hotel Channel Manager RezGain 5.1. RezGain being a crucial component of Rate Gain’s award-winning suite of products, this advanced version will help hoteliers update & distribute inventory & rates and also receive reservation retrievals in a more effective and faster manner than the previous version. This release incorporates significant product performance improvements and advanced features for Hotel Channel Management.

On inquiring about the technical enhancements of RezGain 5.1Tim Unwin, EVP, Product Management, Technology at RateGain elaborated, that RezGain 5.1 includes performance improvements for integration customers via the Delta processing feature. All Integration updates will pick only the differential data to send updates, thus reducing the load for updates by 90%, enabling users to experience real time update on extranets.

Drastic improvement in reservation delivery time is another very valued enhancement in the latest version of Hotel Channel Management, which will average at just 20 seconds, as compared to the previous time of 5 minutes.

Another advancement in this upgraded version is the parallel processing of multi-threaded ARI updates, which was serial processed earlier. In the best scenario, ARI updates take just 10% of the original time (based on the total number of threads supported by channels). RateGain will be able to support further new channels when these channels start supporting multi- thread.

Other interesting features of RezGain 5.1 are Upkeep for TripConnect V7 which supports product definitions at room rate level. Automatic Updates for the management of currency conversion. Custom defined reservation fetch allows hot date definitions so as to fetch reservations from pull channels at the maximum possible frequency.

The migration of all existing customers into the RezGain 5.1 platform is underway and is scheduled to end by September 2016. All the new customers will be directly set up on the new platform.

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