RateGain and Sysdat Tourism have signed a partnership agreement to enable the Italian hospitality industry with RateGain’s innovative single technology platform to manage revenue, reputation and distribution.

Along with cutting edge technology solutions, Sysdat Tourism and RateGain together will now be able offer customers’ high-quality local training, support and service.

Excited about this partnership, Mr. A Luca Gandola, Director, Sysdat Tourism Ltd said, “This is a unique partnership for us, we are really excited to bring to hotels in Italy advanced technology solutions with intuitive tools, offering a 360 ° integrated platform. We are constantly listening to the needs of our clients and are attentive to market demands; hence, we believe this partnership is the need of the hour. RateGain is a pioneer in the revenue, reputation & distribution solutions and is the best choice in the international market. Hence, this strategic agreement aims to the best in the market, product & services to Italian market”

Further, talking about this news Mr. Enzo Aita, Vice President Sales, RateGain said, “We are really enthusiastic about this partnership. With this collaboration, we will realize two important objectives; collaboratively enhance the solutions currently provided by Sysdat Tourism, who are leaders in Business Intelligence tools, and at the same time offer customers an innovative technology platform to improve performance in terms of Revenue and Profit.”

About Sysdat Tourism Ltd

Sysdat Tourism, in business for over 40 years as a single contact point for technology services for hotels. We have continuously improved our offering through the development of highly skilled and innovative services. Sysdat Tourism wants to project itself to the customers not only as a supplier, but also as their technology partner.

About RateGain Technologies:

Founded in 2004, RateGain is a leading provider of cloud-based innovative solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. RateGain’s flagship single technology platform to manage revenue, reputation and distribution is a one-stop shop for hotels to increase revenue and profitability. With continued innovation and excellence in customer focus, we are proud to serve over 12,000 clients and numerous industry partners.

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