India and Spain: RateGain Travel Technologies recently joined hands with Winhotel Solutions, a leading Spanish software and service provider, to establish an advanced online booking connectivity system. Being a SaaS product company, RateGain caters to the global hospitality and travel industries.

Solutions, services and products from Winhotel Solutions, mainly cater to the hospitality sector. Several independent hotels and chains across the globe leverage their huge portfolio. The integrated and well-connected platform further offers sophisticated real-time revenue management functionality, along with the ability to distribute a hotel’s inventory to a wider audience base.

Representatives from both sides signed the contract after FITUR, the International Tourism Fair in Spain, to set an effective collaboration for optimum gain. The seamless integration of RateGain’s Revenue Management System and Channel Manager with Winhotel’s Property Management System, aims to expand rate and inventory distribution by establishing a two-way connectivity for linked hotels.

On inquiring about the partnership, Jaume Alzina, CEO of Winhotel Solution cited that, “We are very happy to establish a partnership with RateGain. The integration between our PMS and their Channel Manager and Revenue Management System is very important for process automation in the hospitality sector. The resultant system will contribute towards saving time, overheads and resources, as well as evade manual mistakes.

Bhanu Chopra, CEO of RateGain quoted that, “Common clients who plan to use the tool after integration, can easily manage and update multiple sales channels as well as e-commerce sites through this unified platform. Besides, rate and availability data existing in the PMS can now get automatically shared for onward distribution, for an increased RevPAR and ADR.

About Winhotel Solutions

Winhotel is a prominent software and services company based out of Spain, that specializes in solutions for the hospitality sector in the form of Property Management System, Hospitality Consultancy Services, CRS, POS, Channel Manager, Software Integrations and more. Winhotel’s esteemed clientele are dotted across Spain, Easter Island and Mexico, and also as far as Norway.

About RateGain Travel Technologies

RateGain Travel Technologies caters to the global hospitality and travel industries. Following a SaaS delivery model, RateGain currently specializes in Unified Revenue Management, Rate Intelligence, Price Optimization, Rate Shopping, Electronic Distribution and Online Brand Reputation Management Solutions, that are being used by over 12,000 clients across the globe.