Thailand and India; RateGain, a leading global travel technology enterprise, has strategically partnered with Travelanium, a Thailand-based fast growing hotel booking engine provider. This conglomerate outlines the seamless integration of Travelanium’s booking engine with RateGain’s channel manager, to create a powerful and unified online booking solution.

Real-time distribution technology powers RateGain’s competent channel manager – RezGain. This smart tool leverages Big Data, to exhibit live inventory and rates via powerful dashboard analytics. Being an online hotel channel management interface, it will be synced with Travelanium’s booking engine to create a seamless, unified and intuitive hotel booking system.

The Managing Director and official spokesperson of Travelanium, Pat Limamonrat quoted that, “Since our inception, we have consulted and helped over 300 clients in Southeast Asia to grow the revenue through their official hotel’s website. Our mission is to develop the highest-conversion-rate hotel booking engine and establish innovative direct online marketing strategies for hotels and resorts across the globe. The success of this platform integration and product launch, takes us another step closer to our objective and obviously exhilarates users by elevating every aspect of online booking engine experience.”
“We are happy to partner with Travelanium and fortify their hotel booking engine with our real-time distribution technology. This powerful two-way connectivity will simplify the complex global distribution environment and make it more explicable and adaptable. Partner hotels can leverage it to improve visibility and distribute effectively.” said Bhanu Chopra, Chief Executive Officer, RateGain.

About The Travelanium Company

The Travelanium Company is one of the largest hospitality technology companies in Asia. Its core product is the powerful hotel booking engine, however, Travelanium also renders customized solutions to achieve each hotel’s requirement; including responsive websites, web cloud-based applications, online payment gateway, hotel digital marketing and consulting services. The company guarantees two things; more bookings and much more profit under a risk-free environment.

About RateGain Travel Technologies

RateGain is a SaaS-based product company that caters to both travel and hospitality industries. The portfolio of expert solution architecture provided include rate intelligence, price optimization, electronic distribution and online brand reputation management. The company has an ever-increasing list of 12,000+ clients that comprises of star-rated hotels, online travel agents, airlines, car rental companies, cruise liners and wholesalers across the globe.