Yangon, Myanmar – Trendtelligent, a pioneering technology consulting and services company with a focus on the hospitality and travel industries, today announced its strategic alliance with RateGain Travel Technologies Private Limited, a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality and travel technology solutions across the globe.

Sharing this news, Mr. Kartikeya Tripathi, Managing Director, Trendtelligent said, “The amalgamation of Trendtelligent with RateGain is to ensure that our hotel customers have access to the industry’s best and leading technology & services solutions, along with complete local support”. Concerning Trendtelligent’s specific focus on the emerging market of Myanmar, Mr. Tripathi added, “Hoteliers in Myanmar have long struggled with dealing with technology suppliers with no local presence, who do not truly understand the challenges of operating in the market and are not even in the same time zone or continent when help is needed. Our partnership with RateGain will enable us to empower hoteliers in Myanmar to access the right technology, benefit from localised & in-market support, while connecting their hotels to new source markets and online distribution partners around the globe.

On the topic of other critical success factors in emerging markets he added, “Together with RateGain we hope to drive real change through facilitating knowledge transfer and work towards developing a tech savvy & skilled hospitality workforce in Myanmar which is an essential step towards positioning Myanmar as a true global destination & boosting tourism revenues.”

Trendtelligent is dedicated to driving customer success for hoteliers in Myanmar in close partnership with RateGain. The strategic partnership was signed in December 2016 at Yangon, Myanmar.

Further, talking about this update, Mr. Tanmaya Das, CFO, RateGain said, “We are very pleased to partner with Trendtelligent. RateGain’s technology suite will enable hospitality and travel companies to effectively manage all aspects of their revenue management via an integrated portfolio of solutions. Together we bring the consolidated offerings to provide more value to our customers.”

About Trendtelligent:  

Trendtelligent is a consulting & a technology provider with a difference. Driven by the will to things differently, they encourage clients to be bold, apply fresh new approaches & embrace the right technology to lead the trend.

Intimately familiar with the challenges, opportunities & dilemma’s presented by the fast evolving hospitality & travel sectors Trendtelligent brings combines true global experience with a deep understanding of technology to ensure customer success. Uniquely positioned, they serve clients as a single point, to effectively navigate a fragmented technology & hyper-competitive business landscape.

For more details, visit: https://www.trendtelligent.com/

About RateGain Technologies: 

Founded in 2004, RateGain is a leading provider of cloud-based product and service around the function of Rate Intelligence, Price Optimization, Seamless Electronic Distribution and Brand Engagement to the world’s leading Hotels and Online Travel Agents.

With continued innovation and excellence in customer focus, RateGain is proud to serve over 12,000 clientsand numerous industry partners.

The customers are global and so is the company, with offices in 10 countries across all major continents, supported by over 500 passionate professionals and seasoned industry experts.

Through world-class solutions, RateGain helps its industry leading customers beat their competition and make more revenue every day.

Visit us for more details at www.rategain.de or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.