We Came Together. We Got Inspired. We Talked Hotel Revenue.

Our Hotel Revenue Summits fuel the passion that drives the most awesome, forward-thinking and successful hoteliers of our time. And, our Hotel Revenue Summit held on 17th March continued our relentless march in motivating, enlightening and moving modern hoteliers like you.

Inspiring keynotes, bold revenue talks, educational breakouts and happy networking.

Here are the 5 key highlights of Hotel Revenue Summit 2015 Jakarta:

#1 Packed Hall with Over 120 Remarkable Hoteliers

From the bold, powerful revenue talks to the modern venue’s amenities, Hotel Revenue Summit spelt success for modern hoteliers. The conference hall was full, and we saw over 120 passionate hoteliers of Jakarta in one place. Not sure where else can you see so many remarkable hoteliers under one roof in Jakarta!

#2 RateGain Deep Dive

Kamesh Shukla, Vice President- Business Development- Asia Pacific & South Africa, kicked off the event on 17th afternoon in Jakarta. And in alignment with RateGain’s theme of maximizing hotel revenue, talked about number of ways in which RateGain’s product suite can help modern hoteliers in optimizing their pricing decisions and thus increasing their revenue every day.

#3 RateGain’s Revenue Pros Rocked the Stage

Led by the RateGain’s best revenue management nerds – Kamesh Shukla and Priya Chhetri, this session highlighted the attendees on the best revenue optimization techniques and principles that if practised consistently can bring about a complete transformation of your hospitality business.

#4 Keynote Speeches & Ask Us Anything Session

Our Jakarta Hotel Revenue Summit was a complete success with great contribution from our keynote speakers (both of them are among the top hoteliers of Indonesia) –Yusuf IJsseldjk and Tenaiya Brookfield. Both these top presenters motivated the hoteliers in the hall by talking about the Indonesian hospitality market, challenges and the newest revenue optimization best practices, tools that make the jobs of revenue managers better and easier.

This was followed by an exciting open forum, where all the event attendees were given an opportunity to ask their pressing questions from RateGain revenue nerds and the keynote speakers. This round witnessed some great questions from the hoteliers and equally fantastic responses from the pros live.

#5 Happy Hours and Networking

As much as we work hard to inspire and help hoteliers to maximize their revenue, we also love to have fun. We ended the day with a cocktail party for all the attendees, who enjoyed drinks, while socializing and networking with the each other at the event.

Did we miss any tidbits that you found thought-provoking? Please share them with us in the comment box below.