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‘A Thousand Words’: Why Great Visuals Speak Directly, Fluently and Effortlessly

The discerning global traveler uses a plethora of tools, accesses multiple platforms, and works with a complex mix of vendors to discover the best travel experience. Great images are an indispensable value-add for the hotelier, adding flesh-and-blood to their customer ‘attraction, retention, and loyalty’ game-plan.

guests can be promoters of your hotel brand

What Makes Your Guests The Promoters of Your Brand?

Promoters are the hotel’s biggest assets, and getting guests to become the promoters should be a key objective of the hotel’s marketing strategy. Having said that, it is extremely important to take the detractors and their opinion seriously. The best way to go ensure that your guests turn into your promoters is not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

Mobile Hotel Online Reputation Management

Hoteliers, Are You Using Mobile to Support Your Online Reputation Management?

ORM is a combination of Social Media, Localization and Mobile App and very important for successful Online Reputation Management Plan. This explains why vendors are promoting the mobile ORM application as part of a hotel’s overall plan due to the significant benefits it can bring to their hotel’s reputation and revenue.

Hotel loyalty program hotel guest sentiment guest feedback

5 Effective Ways Hotels Could Conduct Guest Surveys and Loyalty Programs

For long, getting to know what hotel guests want has been every hotelier’s bugbear. Ambivalent, unclear suggestions from customers impede hoteliers’ ability to take concrete steps to improve their services. Moreover, in this era of price-oriented competition among hotels, price sensitive travellers; garnering loyal guests become challenging, necessitating the use of specific tools aimed at…

Hotel Online Reviews

How to Manage Hotel’s Online Reviews & Guest Experience

In present times, happy consumers define the success of any business. The hospitality industry is all about serving people right and delivering the best-in-class experience to their patrons. What the guest feels and says is very important, and responding to their concerns is a critical aspect to the growth of hotel business.

Tips to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Restaurant

Image Credit: Medialabs Have you ever tackled restaurant reputation management in your hotel before? If your answer is yes, you would stand by me when I say that the task is complex but not impossible! The rise of mobile technology and social media, and the practice of leveraging them to influence purchasing decisions in restaurant…

The Brilliant Hotelier: Tête-à-Tête with Richard Lewis, the CEO of Landmark Hotels, Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, the metropolis of dreams which encompasses an unforgettable taste of the Arabian nights. In the heart of Dubai’s bustling shopping and entertainment arena lies a cosmopolitan and excellent 4-star hotel – The Landmark Grand Deira. The hotel complex is fast evolving into a magnet for business and leisure travellers alike. Being handily placed…