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RateGain announces another blockbuster release for its Hotel Rate Shopping Solution, Optima

RateGain Technologies today announced the launch of an all-new, smart User Interface and Experience for its premier hotel rate shopping tool , Optima, with the introduction of Cluster Dashboard and Smart Shopping. The new, sleek Cluster Dashboard presents all the essential rate shopping data in a visually appealing and descriptive manner. With this set of releases, the users surely will have all the ammunition to power their pricing decision in a single dashboard.

21 Points to Consider while Buying a Rate Shopping Tool for Your Hotel

Perishability and limited inventory are two most important aspects of hotel business & thus pricing of a room becomes one of the most important KPIs for a Revenue Manager. Thus, hotels cannot be living in silo and not monitor what their competitors are pricing and offering their prospective guests. It’s no secret that hotels offer…

Zika virus outbreak: Is tourism industry in Central and South America on risk?

It’s growing and getting stronger. This Zika virus news capsule is not easy for the travel and tourism industry professionals to swallow. As the mosquito-borne Zika virus enters into the United States, there’s a growing anxiety in the tourism industry. Further, a warning from the WHO that the Zika virus is “spreading explosively” and that it’s now an…