Yield management

Yield Management in Hospitality – Important for Efficient Revenue Management Strategy

Hotels using yield-management practices confirm having gained a sizeable increase in revenue with minimal investment. For this approach to truly work, a yield manager/revenue manager must have a dedicated staff for research and analysis of the required data and a strong tool to provide right insights and actionable.

guests can be promoters of your hotel brand

What Makes Your Guests The Promoters of Your Brand?

Promoters are the hotel’s biggest assets, and getting guests to become the promoters should be a key objective of the hotel’s marketing strategy. Having said that, it is extremely important to take the detractors and their opinion seriously. The best way to go ensure that your guests turn into your promoters is not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

leisure hotel partners with rategain

Leisure Hotels, Uttarakhand Partner With RateGain For it’s Powerful Online Reputation Management and Price Optimization Solutions

New Delhi, August, 2017: Leisure Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains operating in Uttarakhand (India), today announced its partnership with RateGain Technologies, a leading hospitality and travel technology solutions company, to enhance its operational efficiency pertaining to key functions of the hotel group. Leisure Hotel chose RateGain’s advanced Online Reputation Management Solution (BrandGain) and…

Hotel demand forecasting

Measuring Demand in Your City will Skyrocket your Revenue – Here is How!

It is clear that hoteliers need to focus more on forecasting demand to keep their hotel business at the top of its game. However, accuracy in forecasts can only be achieved through meticulous analysis of the right kind of data. For procuring realistic data and its automated analysis, you can also use Hotel Rate Shopping Tools that can help with this analysis and insights.